Consultancy Services Overview

Fast track and focus: Hannon Westwood’s proprietary databases and software applications allow real-time analysis of oil & gas and corporate opportunities. The resource database is unique in spanning all phases of assets, from prospects to production, and now includes export and hub infrastructure analyses. Our service offers:

  • Access to Hannon Westwood’s intelligence and analytical GToolsTM
  • Support with the acquisition and divestment of assets
  • Advice on acquisition targets both asset and corporate
  • Portfolio analysis and valuations with advice on potential actions
  • Facilitation of asset sales by identifying potential buyers
  • Experienced advisors to work with your team

To enhance our consultancy services, we have developed software tools to facilitate efficient and in-depth analysis of our data. GTools is used in a wide variety of ways to evaluate business development options, asset or company acquisitions, farm-in opportunities, area potential and more.

The unique combination of our consultancy expertise and GTools has been successfully applied in strategy development, opportunity search and corporate acquisition projects, it was used by the UK oil and gas industry in discussion with the UK Treasury and DECC leading to the 2009 fiscal changes in respect of Value Allowance.

Our consultancy services are often delivered in an interactive workshop environment, where clients gain rapid insights into geological plays, entire UKCS portfolios or areas for concentrated growth. Analyses range from in-depth familiarisation to detailed strategy projects.

Our unique proprietary UKCS database built up over the last 18 years is updated daily and covers the entire UKCS, Norway, Ireland and a growing number of basins including the Netherlands. Containing key intelligence on over 5600 working interests in oil and gas and over 1800 prospects and 475 discoveries as well as ownership and resource information for every block and oil and gas field in production.

For more information about our Consultancy Service please email: or call + 44 (0)203 794 5374 or call + 44 (0)1224 502 640.